Hi there, I am Natacha!

My story – at least part of it !

About 13 years ago I developed my first symptoms of PTSD, following several attacks and burglaries, which manifested themselves in repeated panic attacks, without being able to control them. I remember having to spend a whole week at a friend’s house, unable to be on my own at night, sleeping with the light on, so much anxiety about dying was overwhelming me.

After 6 months of vain attempts to overcome these symptoms with the help of a psychiatrist, anti-depressants and beta blockers for my heart, I was finally able to heal from this trauma gently and quickly thanks to, among other things, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting which I practice today, combined with TRE® and  breathing exercises.

This PTSD will transform my life, lead me to do some in-depth work on myself, and reorient my career path…

At the same time, these energy psychology sessions brought back painful events from my youth that had not been completely resolved years before; I revisited and “worked” them again, this time with more compassion, tolerance and love for myself. I keep on working on them, from a new lens each time: we can’t change what happened to us, we’re not what happened to us but we can certainly change the perception we have of it and inprint new memories.

So, these techniques have concretely allowed me to change my perception of things and to rewrite my history. I was able to make “peace” with myself and today I finally feel that I am at the right place, more serene and balanced.

I continue to learn about myself with the assistance of a psychologist, for myself and also for my clients. Knowing yourself is the journey of a lifetime !

Who doesn’t encounter hardships in life?

In my practice, I meet with clients who have experienced severe traumas; I witness how courageously and resiliently these people heal and literally “pick up the pieces” and come to terms with their past.

We all have incredible potential, resources and powerful energy within us to transform our lives…

Everything is energy. The moment you change your vibration, things “move”, synchronicity appears in your life and new possibilities open up.

Who doesn’t encounter hardships in life?

If you are reading this, this is because somewhere you too feel the need to move on, to get rid of stress or anxiety, of certain past burdens or traumas, limiting beliefs, or guilt, or shame, or a deep rage or sadness…

The weight of the past is more or less heavy, linked to our environment, our family, our loved ones… We deal with them as best we can! Becoming aware of it is the first step; for that purpose, these energy techniques are powerful and effective because they often lead to the core of the problem. Learning to know oneself better, to accept one’s past and one’s shadow areas, to look forward with one’s wounds in order to better build oneself, is the key to freedom.

My clients tell me that I accompany and support them with compassion and empathy in their quest for well-being, exactly where they are, without judgment, and with what they are going through.

So, how can I assist you today?

What to remember

Energy psychology, based on emotions, allows us to change our perception of things by ACCEPTING what is, rather than ignoring it, procrastinate or fight it. What resists…. persists ! By accepting that you have the power to change some of your limiting beliefs learned from childhood, you allow a great spectrum of possibilities and opportunities to enter your life.

Nature Connexion

In parallel to my Energy Psychology practice, I have founded Nature Connexion.

Nature Connexion organises transformative retreats & workshops in the African wilderness, respectful of the environment and local communities, for facilitators, teachers, companies or group of friends wishing to share together a transformative journey of learning, personal development and deep connection to the natural world. Get ready for extra-ordinary wellness safaris and let the healing power of nature revitalise your body, mind and soul…

An example of what EFT has done for me

While attending my first EFT training while undergoing treatment for PTSD, I had a panic attack, the common trauma that many veterans suffer after returning from field duty. This unexpected situation led my instructor to gently start the tapping with me (with my permission and in front of the other participants). Within 15 minutes, I went from feeling traumatised and emotional to a normal, smiling state, wondering how what had happened to me could have disappeared as quickly as it had appeared.

This fundamental episode convinced me 100% of the effectiveness of EFT. Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated the impact of EFT and how it changes the physiology of our brain and our core beliefs.

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting help me live a more serene, balanced life. It is with joy that I share these energy techniques with you today.


‘You can look only when the

mind is completely quiet’. 

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Training & Certifications

2023 TRE® provider certification.
2019 ‘Tapping in the Classroom’ training, with Peta Stapleton.
2017 ‘Attachment Styles’ training, with Marion Blique.
2014 Meta-Health level 1 training, with Penny Croal.
2013 Enneagram training with Pam Roux, disciple of Helen Palmer.
2012 Art of Living level 1 training, with Sabine Thomas.
2012 Vipassana meditation, cardiac coherence and breathwork trainings.
2010 – 2011 EFT (level 3) and Matrix Reimprinting (advanced) certifications, with Bennie Naudé.