Frequently asked questions

1. How long is a session?

Sessions are 60 mins (an hour) and are available face-to-face or online (Skype or Zoom). Please be punctual, late arrival will mean your EFT session will be shorter and it doesn’t make sense not to get all the benefits it offers. If you are running late, please let me know as soon as you can. Being on time is a positive testament to your self-respect and motivation.

2. Cancellation policy

Your time is as important as mine. If you wish to cancel or reschedule your session, I would request getting a minimum of 24 hours notice to avoid any penalties.

3. How much does a session cost?

Euro payments (€)

A one hour session is €65 (or $65). A discount is offered for 3 sessions paid upfront. Please select the relevant number of sessions required and click the “Pay Now” button to pay through PayPal.

Rand payments (ZAR)

An invoice including my banking details is sent once I have receive your appointment’s booking : 

  • 1 session  – R750
  • 3 sessions – R2100

4. How can you pay?

Payments can be made either :

  • by bank transfer (please ask me for my bank details)
  • Paypal
  • in cash
5. What happens during a session?

During a session

A forgotten trauma or unconscious thought may hold your negative emotion or pattern in place. When your energy is blocked either physically or emotionally, our minds and bodies become restricted. Tapping focuses on the releasing and clearing of your issues, traumas, limiting beliefs, bringing us back into natural balance.

You will be guided through several layers and aspects of your issue. During this process many different thoughts, physical or emotional sensations may come up; childhood traumas, forgotten, buried memories, painful events will probably rise to the surface. Those are often part of the root cause of the issue, although you may not find any conscious connection between them.

People are often surprised during a session at how quickly they “shift”, can put the dots together, and how tapping then erases those issues from their mind and/or body. They often mention that EFT allowed them to see their problem under a different angle, which helped them get rid of it.

After a session

After a few sessions, you may feel collateral side benefits, sometimes completely unconscious and unrelated to what you’re working on. This is part of the beauty and proven efficiency of Energy psychology.

Between sessions

After each session, I may send you an email containing tapping tips and suggestions related to your last session. What happens between sessions is as important as our sessions together for your healing process and growth. It is up to you to give it the necessary space and motivation.

6. How many sessions do I need?

First of all, you may have the limited belief that you cannot heal yourself or get rid of a specific issue, while actually it is all about you and your belief system. I, as a practitioner, facilitate the technique giving you the tools to do the great work. When you start believing in yourself, then real transformation can happen.

The number of EFT sessions you will need depends on your issue. Some people experience relief in one session, while others may need two, three or more sessions to eliminate all the different aspects linked to their problem / issue / trauma.

We are complex human beings and we all react differently faced with a similar situation.

Once-off sessions can work but are not guaranteed to be as effective as a block of several sessions. EFT is a very efficient tool. Nevertheless, certain unconscious patterns or issues, emotional or physical blockages, may require consistency in the practice of EFT, including self-discipline (homework) between sessions.

This is the reason why, in order to get the best results and guidance that you need, new clients are requested to book a minimum of 3 sessions (60 minutes each). I find it to be the minimum required to see and gain long-lasting results. After the 3 sessions, existing or previous clients have the opportunity to book once-off sessions as many times as they need it.

I personally got rid of the PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) I had been suffering for many years in less than 8 EFT sessions. YES ! I also did my tapping homework, which helped me accelerate the process of putting a final term to my PTSD symptoms. EFT sessions with your practitioner coupled with personal commitment and motivation is key to success.

7. EFT not working?
  • are you dehydrated ? Your brain (and heart) is composed of 73% of water and requires water.
  • to ask yourself: “am I being specific enough about the issue I am tapping on ?” The more specific you are, the better EFT works. For example : “my brother made me sad” could be rephrased as followed: “I was sad because my brother broke my mirror”.
  • each issue looks like a puzzle: each piece of that puzzle is called an “aspect”. Is there another aspect part of the puzzle that has not been addressed, are there several different emotions or another part of the event that occurred that I have forgotten about ?
  • are you retaining your emotion (be mindful of what resists persists) ?
  • big shifts can happen ; nevertheless, it may require time to get rid of emotion or belief that you have been carrying for long. Be persistent, patient and compassionate about yourself – tap, tap, tap…
  • some deeper issues or traumas might require the assistance of a professional (EFT or other modality) : get assistance when you feel stuck.